Why Hope Still Matters

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Appreciation for your book...

I happened across your email and wanted to send this quick note expressing my appreciation towards your book.  I work in child welfare in Michigan and found the topic and material very beneficial and enlightening.  It was also very timely to have read as we have been working on how to help families we come in contact with address housing instability.  We have also been working to become more trauma informed as a system, and again, your book was very helpful in providing insight.  I also teach a social work class on Human Services Administration and based on your book, I challenged the students in class how they would address homelessness.  One of the groups came up with a Microloan plan to provide loans to provide support while building up confidence and self-esteem, which I found very creative.  All said, your book helped spur those conversations and wanted to send my thanks.


So many thanks...

Dear Valerie, I want to thank you again and again for the book you wrote about hope.  You put thousands of hours of research into it and it is full of wonderful information.  I liked the layout, the different chapters you put in the book and the thoughtful conclusions in each chapter.... I also want to tell you how you have helped us in our program.  After finishing the chapter about “Parenting and Family Matters”, I went back to our staff and talked about all the ways we provide hope for our families, but I wondered if we were doing enough to help the parents themselves provide hope for the children.  Our family workers heard my concern.  One of them had heard about The Parenting Journey training workshop, and rather quickly they both signed up to take the workshop.  Not only did they take the workshop, but now they are implementing the training in their weekly family work with our parents.  The initial results have been positive.  The parents find it helpful.  It is an opportunity for them to reflect on how they were parented and begin making choices that will have a better impact on their children.  So in a very concrete way, you have improved our delivery of services. You have helped us bring hope to each family structure.     I am so grateful to you for working on this masterpiece, and I pray there will be many, many ears to hear the good and important words you share with all of us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to do this work.  Do you have a next big project?